Posted on 31 October 2017

What İs SEGNA ( Selective Endoscopic Ganglia-Nerves Ablation) ?


  • SEGNA is a surgical method used in the treatment of Primer Headaches ; all Migraine types, Tension Headache and Cluster Headache .


  • SEGNA is not a Brain Surgery.


  • The technique of SEGNA is an improved surgical 2015 version  of  a treatment protocol implemented for about 25 years .


  • SEGNA is applied under general anesthesia. (Seldom is done with sedation and local anesthesia in patients who has the medical risk of taking general anesthesia.)


  • On the front part of the neck, 1-2 cm skin incision is needed at one or both sides.


  • The nerve fibers causing headache are selected with a special – micro endoscope and disabled. (denervation.)


  • Requires 24-hours hospitalization.


  • After 24 hours, the patient may go back to his daily life (including sporting activities) without a need for dressing.


  • After the surgery, 5 days of antibiotic medication and 1-2 days of pain medication are sufficient . No bruise or scar on the face, neck or any cosmethic area of the body is left.

Potential side effects:

  • SEGNA has less surgical risks when compared to all methods used in migraine surgery.
  • Even a small incision of 1-2 cm is used, an infection may develop in the skin lession ( not encountered at the first 240 patients)
  • Even though it is an endoscopic surgery, small blood vessels may bleed( not encountered at the first 240 patients)
  • General anesthesia risks are the same with all other surgical interventions of 30-45 minutes. (Circumcision, Caesarean, Facial stretching, Nose Aesthetics, etc.). (240 cases did not have complications of first sera anesthesia).
  • The patients with wound healing disorders ,hypertrophic scars and keloids may occur in the surgical incision area. ( not encountered at the first 240 patients)
  • Temporary blurring of vision may occur on the side of the surgical application (240 patients recorded mild blurred vision on both occasions for 4 and 7 days).
  • Temporary voice annoyance can develop, (240 patients in one case, for a week in the sound of a cattle breeding came.)
  • Temporary dizziness may develop (complaints of mild dizziness for 24 hours for 240 patients)

Assoc.Prof.Bilgehan Bilge

Neuro&Spine Surgeon


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