Gerçekten Migren Miyim?


Posted on 31 October 2017

You have headaches and you are diagnosed with migraines.

You are diagnosed with the same diagnosis many times by different clinics and doctors.

Either you get the diagnosis of Migraine with a few simple examinations, either with dozens of examinations and detailed investigations or without any examinations.

In any case, once you have been diagnosed with Migraine as the cause of your headaches, you should definitely be suspicious about this diagnosis.


  • To diagnose Migraine; all over the world all of the clinics are taking into consideration “subjective” criterias. (See google documents about how to diagnose migraine.)
  • Migraine diagnosis becomes after eliminating other standard diseases which make headache are   baseds totally on your medical condition.
  • Migraine has no radiological or laboratory diagnostic criteria. We can not say “You have migraine” by looking at your brain MRI, brain CT, blood, urine, cerebro spinal fluid analyzes.
  • The rate of correct diagnosis in Migraine is 20% in scientific studies conducted retrospectively. (See Literature and Scientific Studies.)
  • More than 1000 drug preparations and combinations of these drugs are used to relief the headache of patients diagnosed with migraine. And as a result, no evidence has yet been found that any drug or drug combination treats migraine alone.

Can you believe that you are suffering from a disease which has a very  “subjective” diagnosis? Is it even possible that you have a disease that does not even correspond to scientific authorities in the field of treatment?

What could be as natural as being  suspicious of a disease with the diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols renewed annually with the information described above?

The question that should be answered before the surgical treatment of migraine is: “Are you really a migraine?”


In fact, the objective answer to the question of migraine nowadays can only be given with the “Transcranial Doppler”  examination.

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Assoc.Prof. Bilgehan Bilge

Neuro & Spine Surgery

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